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The Whales Are On Their Way To Maui – Whale Watching and Canoe Season Starting Soon

Whale watching season is almost here! Right now, a large colony of humpback whales are making their extraordinary, 3,000 mile journey from the frigid waters of Alaska all the way down to Hawaii for their warm winter break. From December to April visitors to Maui can get incredibly close to these massive and gentle creatures as they use the warm and safe waters off the Maui shore to mate and give birth to their calves.

Whale watching season also means that it is canoeing season. In South Maui, there are plenty of ways to go whale watching, but if you want to get as close as possible to the whales and feel a stronger connection with the ocean, we suggest canoeing. Several companies in Maui offer modern Hawaiian Outrigger Canoes that can seat a small group of people, including groups of four or six. These swift and stable canoes glide through the water with ease, letting you feel the spray of the water on your skin. It is also a cool way to share an experience with your family or group of friends. Rather than just standing on a boat looking at the humpback whales at a distance, you and your group can actually paddle toward whales and follow alongside as they swim just beneath the surface of the water. Check out this cool video of what you can expect if you decide to go canoeing on your trip to Maui.

These canoe tours are led by experienced and entertaining guides who can tell you all about the humpback whales and all the other sea life that lives in the waters off of Maui. Your guide may also tell you about the ancient tribes of Hawaii that used very similar canoes to hunt and fight. Listen to the legends of old as you watch some of the largest creatures on our planet swim nearby. Your guide will keep you safe and make sure your group doesn’t disturb the whales.

If you plan to head to Maui in December or during whales watching season (December through April), we can help you schedule a guided whale watching canoe tour with your group. Enjoy the exercise, the sunshine, and the amazing sights of your visit to our beautiful island. For more activity information about this tour or more give our on island friendly office a call 866-572-2664.