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Best Surfing Schools in Maui

Planning to flex your surfing muscle? Maui is a great place to start! Whether you are an absolute beginner or professional surfer, Maui has some of the most amazing surf spots that allow you to experience surfing at its best. Tip: As a beginner, you

What’s it like to grow up in Maui? 3 Mauians Tell Us Their Story

Growing up in one of the world’s best islands brings about a number of stories and experiences. From the top places in Maui to the local experiences and traditions that make Maui what it truly is, some lucky ones get to experience the whole gamut

We Picked the Top 4 Spas in Maui. Check them out!

In Maui, we believe in healthy living - one that benefits your soul and radiates positivity all around you. Mother Nature has blessed us with an environment that hosts millions, like you, every year - helping you open up and be one with yourself as

Top 5 Golf Courses in Maui

Golf is a popular sport all around the globe. It’s versatile, good for your health (swinging a golf club builds muscle and strengthens your core), and challenging - ensuring you are always competing with yourself. Now the golfing experience varies in different parts of the

Best 5 Maui Intimate Wedding Planners

Wedding planning is tough. No one can deny that. Maybe, because of this, you’ve decided to have a more low-key, destination wedding instead. However, that still comes with its own unique brand of obstacles. On the one hand, destination weddings are generally smaller and more