You know how they say that “it’s the journey, not the destination.” When you set out on the Hana Highway, you might just become a believer…though we think the journey AND the destination are equally spectacular.

When you come to visit Maui, we invite you to have the journey of lifetime and travel the Hana Highway. Starting at the Kahului Airport, the Hana Highway stretches 64.4 miles through pristine tropical rainforest. The road turns and winds, crossing 59 bridges and passing a variety of natural parks and waterfalls along the way. While the trip can take as little as 2.5 hours, we encourage you to stop along the way and explore some of the amazing vistas hiding in plain sight.

Untouched Beauty
Maui residents are extremely protective of Hana and take great pride in the area’s natural and untouched beauty. While much of the island is well-paved and commercialized, the road to Hana will make you feel like you are driving back in time.

The road to Hana contains many breathtaking gems, including the Twin Falls, the Garden of Eden, Lower and Upper Puohokamoa Falls, Puaa Kaa State Wayside Park, and the Seven Sacred Pools, a series of waterfalls at the end of the highway. Your guidebook can help you pinpoint the sights that you want to see, or just look for the abundant turnouts that may lead to a beautiful view.
Certain popular waterfalls are located on private property. Look for signs and be courteous. There is plenty to see without trespassing.

The Journey
The Hana Highway is its own adventure. Take your time on this fun and winding road and enjoy each of the 620 curves that you will confront. A majority of the 59 bridges that you will cross are only one lane, so be patient and safe and let the journey take as long as it will take.

Many tourists want to pack as much sightseeing on the road to Hana as possible and end up feeling pressure to check everything off the checklist in the guidebook. Pace yourself. Pick a few attractions to visit and get on island time!

Guided Excursion and Rental Cars
Several companies around South Maui offer a guided tour of Hana Highway. For a reasonable fee, you can travel down the highway in an air conditioned van while a guide tells you about all the history surrounding the highway. You’ll learn about historic battles, old gods, and many other great tales that make up Hawaii’s unique story. If you want to go your own pace, you can also rent a car or a rugged jeep.

At Ali’I Resorts, we can help you plan your trip down the Hana Highway, set up a guided tour, or refer you to a car rental agency. Contact us today to add the road to Hana to your Maui agenda.