Ali’i Resorts Offers Maui Beach Web Cam View of Kama’ole I Beach

Are you counting down the days until you can slip your toes into the warm nalu (ocean surf) on the sunny island of Maui? Well, you don’t have to just picture our pristine beaches in your imagination. Now you can actually see one of them live at any time of the day.

We are proud to present our very first beach cam – a live, streaming web cam of one of Maui’s most beloved beaches – Kama’ole I Beach (the locals know it as Kam I).

Visit the Beach Anytime

When work gets stressful, or you just need a small time-out from life, take a quick journey to the beach through our web cam. Watch and listen to the ocean waves. See how the sun dapples off the sand, and watch others frolic in the water.

That will be you soon enough. (If not, book your tickets and call us about renting a vacation condo within walking distance to the beach!)

About Kama’ole I Beach

Kama’ole I Beach is part of the Kamaole Beach Park, which includes three unique beaches in the southern town of Kihei. Of the three beaches, (creatively named Kama’ole I, Kama’ole II, and Kama’ole III), Kam I is almost universally considered the best beach.

It is the largest of the three beaches, and offers soft, clean sand and clear waters. It is popular with families and great for swimming and snorkeling. The beach also offers some handy amenities, including showers, restrooms, an area to barbeque, and picnic tables for a tasty meal.

Kihei is known as the sunny side of Maui, so almost every day is a great day to hit the beach. When the weather turns cold in your neck of the woods or when the rain pours down, come visit us through our beach cam, even if it’s only with mana’o (your thoughts).

We hope our beach cam will inspire you to come visit our island soon! We’d love to host you in one of our vacation condos near Kama’ole Beach Park, including the property where our beach cam is installed. Come see us soon!