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Easier Than Scuba, More Exciting Than Snorkeling – Why You Need to Try Snuba Diving on Your Maui Holiday

A tropical wonderland of sea life and dazzling coral hides beneath the surface of Maui’s azure waters. When you come to visit our happy island, you can’t leave without saying hello to our moseying sea turtles, gliding manta rays, and all the colorful fish and plant life that live underwater. How are you going to see them all? If you think your only options are snorkeling or scuba diving, then it’s time you learned about a fun, third option that might be an even better fit for you – Snuba Diving.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving Aren’t for Everyone

Snorkeling and scuba diving are each great water activities, but they have their drawbacks. Snorkeling forces you to stay near the surface so you can’t see what’s happening in the deeper depths of the water. Scuba diving gives you lots of underwater freedom, but it costs time and money to get certified before you dive. Also, not everyone is comfortable with the thought of having to keep track of oxygen tanks and fiddle with equipment while under the water.

Snuba embraces the best of both snorkeling and scuba diving and is a great choice for kids as well!

Introducing Scuba Diving

Think of snuba diving as a hybrid of snorkeling and scuba diving. Basically, when you snuba dive, you wear a mask attached to a hose that provides you with oxygen while you dive under the water and explore. The oxygen tanks are not attached to your back; rather they are on a raft that floats above the water.

Here are a few benefits of snuba diving:

  • You don’t need to be certified to snuba dive
  • You don’t have to worry about tracking your oxygen or fiddling with your tanks
  • You can go down as far as 15 feet in the water
  • The raft follows you as you swim, giving you freedom to roam
  • Children as young as 8 can snuba dive

What Will You Find When You Snuba?

In Maui, many tour outfits have the equipment and ability to take you and your group on a snuba trip. You will be in the hands of an experienced guide the whole time who will ensure that you remain safe and have a lot of fun. What will you see on your snuba dive? Maybe some manta rays, colorful parrotfish, slithering moray eels, and lots of pretty plants.

If you plan on booking a vacation condo in Maui through Ali’i Resorts, we can recommend a high quality tour company to take you on a memorable and amazing snuba diving trip. Give us a call at (866) 284-2544 to request a recommendation.