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Here’s a little reminder from your Aloha island friends. Living in the Moment Maui/IaoValley-Haleakala from Montaj 9 on Vimeo. 1. Haleakala Make it to the top! Take the drive to meet Haleakala a dormant volcano that sits large on east side of the island. Give a high five at the summit that reaches 10,023 feet […]

What’s better than candy and flowers for Valentines Day? Building meaningful actions of appreciation. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you are spending the day with a special someone or hanging together with friends, Valentine’s Day offers many ways to express emotions.  If your lucky enough to be in Maui on this special […]

While Maui turns out the lights at 10pm we still have a lot more enjoyable things to do then the typical nightlife attractions of Oahu. Just remember that 10pm is the new 2am when you’re cruising the ideas of what to do.   Book a sunset cruise. What a thrilling way to enjoy a breathtaking […]

 If you know Maui you know that this magical tropical island of paradise has endless adventures and discoveries around every corner. With seasonal savings and all year summer-like weather you’re bound to pick the perfect location that sets the pace for a vacation of success.   How do you know if you are getting the […]

Hotel Rates Are Going Up In 2015 – The Best Time To Book Your Maui Trip   Accommodations Is Now The global economy is on the mend, as the United States, Europe, and many Asian countries leave the great recession in the dust. That’s good news for the average worker and for businesses, but it […]

  It may seem cliché, but there’s a reason that you HAVE to go snorkeling when you take your next vacation to Maui. Our little island offers crystal clear water and abundant sea life. You won’t get a better underwater view anywhere else in the world (at least in our opinion). With that in mind, […]

BEST TIP: Keep your packing to the islands casual, simple and basic for our island vibe.  We’ve narrowed down the best traveling tips to get the most out of your Maui vacation. Maui is warm year round with slight temperature changes during our peak holiday season being cooler than our hottest months of late summer. […]

  Hawaii Vacation Tips: One of the best things about Maui is Maui Friday Town Parties. Each Friday Maui celebrates the island’s historic towns and the unique communities on the island with a fun and safe party for community residents and visitors.  Maui Town Parties are an initiative by local business owners, community members, and […]

Snorkeling is one of Maui’s favorite activities. With millions of visitors exploring Maui each year, we ask you to please follow the ultimate snorkeling rule of success “take only pictures, kill only time…leave only bubbles behind !”   What to do when you encounter a Sea Turtle Everybody loves Sea Turtles and Sea Turtles are […]