All over the U.S., Halloween is all about pumpkins, candy, spookiness, and some scary fun. But in Maui, it just gets better in all aspects. 

If you ever wanted to experience the Hawaiian way of celebrating Halloween, you’ve got a great chance this October. Every year, Halloween in Maui gets to be a little more special. On October 31, 2019 – the day of Halloween – you’ll have a chance to experience the fun side of Maui in ways you’ve never experienced before.

There are many things to do leading up to the day of Halloween, and at Ali’i Resorts, we’ve spent more than a decade crafting and recommending some of the best ways to experience Halloween in Maui.

In this blog, we highlight the 5 best ways you can make this Halloween an unforgettable day in Maui.

#1 Start with pumpkins

Maui is home to the world-famous Kula Country Farms – a place full of pumpkins and surprises. 

During October, the farm hosts a grand pumpkin festival that is one of the most recommended by travelers from around the globe. If you have kids, they will have the time of their lives picking pumpkins and playing around the farm on a sunny October day.

There are costume contests, live music, great food, and positive vibes all around. You can pick your own pumpkin from eight planted acres. The prices range from $0.50 for the small to $30 for the giants.

#2 Head to the party town

If you love parties, Maui hosts its grandest party of the year on October 31st in Lahaina Town.  But how big is it you wonder? Well, it’s big enough that they have to close off the Front Street for vehicle traffic to make an open space for people to wander and have a good time.

Best, this party is free to join and you are welcome with your Ohana. However, you should carry funds for parking charges, food and drinks.

Over the years, the Lahaina party has become iconic and a must-attend. Yes, it gets a little chaotic but it’s super fun. Because many people are attending this party, we recommend that you reach the place way early to get the right spot. We also suggest you take a boat ride from Maalaea Harbor to Lahaina Harbor to avoid delays. 

#3 Make friends with locals

Halloween is as much about having fun as it is about making new friends over candy and conversations. There’s an air of joy and friendliness all across Maui so don’t hesitate to meet local people and make new friends.

You can try fun costumes and show off your unique Halloween style. Locals celebrate Halloween as much as any traveler would so there’s always a place for you to find people for great conversations. 

We, Mauians, love humble, kind, and friendly people and we enjoy being hosts to a great party. So this Halloween, don’t forget to find us and say hello!

#4 Get creative with your costume

Halloween is all about being your best with costumes. Here, everyone gets creative and is on their A-game with costumes. Some of these are spooky while some of these are plain fun and funny.

All around Maui you’ll find people dressed in Halloween costumes so don’t forget to bring your A-game to the festival. In case you aren’t sure what to wear or don’t have a costume with you, you’ll find plenty of shops around Maui selling costumes of all types.

Some we recommend are:

  • Maxi Costumes
  • Simply Halloween 
  • Blue Maui Clothing

There are many costume contests as well – something we recommend you join and have a go to win big!

#5 Escape the crowd and board a cruise

If you want a Halloween that’s unique, out of the box, and away from the hassles of traffic and parking, then you should board a beautiful sunset cruise.

While many cruises offer a great Halloween experience under the Pacific night stars, we highly recommend the Halloween Express cruise by the Pacific Whale Foundation. You can board the cruise and enjoy your Halloween over in Lahaina. 

While on the cruise, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to drink, eat and party hard. The cruise departs Ma’alaea Harbor at two specific times of 5:30 pm and 6:15 pm and returns to Ma’alaea Harbor at 9:30 pm and 11:00 pm, respectively.

To find out more, visit here.

What are some ways you are planning to celebrate your Halloween in Maui? We’d love to hear from you.