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Here’s Why We Love Maui (And You Should, Too!)

Maui is Nō Ka ʻOi meaning “the best island” and Condé Nast continues to rank Maui #1 for the 20th year in a row. It’s a vacation destination for everyone no matter what your love is. Spending time in Maui is priceless no matter what you decide. Create memories that last a lifetime. Collect travel stories of romantic sunset cruises, cliff diving ceremonies, endless wildlife sightings, incredible flavors from a luau or an underwater adventure.

Admit it, you are already smiling before you step on the plane and your adventure begins. The thought of warm sandy beaches, tropical sunshine, swaying palm trees and endless Mai Tai’s are all here waiting for you. Maybe you can hear the sound of an ukulele and the Aloha spirit starting to kick in. And once you arrive, the vacation begins. Come play and let your hair down. Explore the undiscovered. Try something new!

Here’s Why We Love Maui (And You Should, Too!)

Sunsets are magical miracles of Maui and can be best viewed are from south or west shores of the island.

See one of the best whale shows on earth. Every winter you can count on seeing humpback whales play and breech from the south shore beach or by taking a up close experience on a whale watching tour.

Drive up to see Maui’s dormant volcano named, “Haleakala” (meaning House of the Sun) and catch a view from 10,023 ft. It truly is beyond words.

Spend an evening watching sunset on a relaxing dinner cruise.

Take in the island “Aloha” spirit of Maui. Bring your fast-paced life down a few notches and remind yourself to breathe in, breathe out. You’re in Hawaii.

Experience world famous beaches for surfing like Ho’okipa or kite beach, Kanaha.

See Hawaii’s best rainbows right here on Maui.

Check out the incredible craters with hiking tours from Haleakala.

Take a one of a kind road trip along the winding north shore coastal road named Hana Highway.

Drive upcountry to experience Maui’s Gourmet Goat Cheeses from http://www.surfinggoatdairy.com/

Catch a sunrise above the clouds from the top of Haleakala.

Snorkel Maui’s top snorkeling hot spots.

Take a relaxing stroll along Maui’s longest and most golden stretch of beaches in Hawaii.

Discover Maui’s hidden waterfalls by helicopter or by a driving adventure.

Experience championship golf courses with panoramic ocean view.

Drive upcountry to check out the one of kind Lavender Farm store and fields of flowing lavender big island views.

Swim with a real Hawaiian Sea Turtles.

If you haven’t been to Molokini Island, it truly is a must do for snorkeling, scuba diving and a true Maui boating adventure.

Trek through the enchanting bamboo forest.

Renew your vows or begin a new life together with Maui’s incredible serene beach side weddings.