Wailea and Kihei are two of the most Aloha-spirited places in Maui. Located on Maui’s sunny shore, they are vibrant communities that embody an island life only experienced in this part of the world.

Appealing to locals and travellers alike, tropical adventures revolve around 5 beaches that are not to be missed!

Read below to help you imagine powdery sand, huge shorelines and breathtaking views – all nestled close to you.

Big Beach / Wailea

If you have researched about Maui, there’s a good chance you’d have seen this beach as a featured image in many places.

Makena BeachIf you have researched Maui, there is a good chance you saw this famous beach as a featured image. Located in Makena Beach State Park, “Big Beach” or Oneloa Beach meaning “long sand” in Hawaiian, is a favorite spot for body or board surfing and boogie boarding that take advantage of huge waves running across the shoreline.

If you want a more peaceful experience, we recommend taking a kayak and going for a snorkel in the beautiful waters that give Makena Beach a touch of greens and blues. Afterwards take a relaxing beach nap under a tree. What could be more perfect?

TIP: If you are planning a wedding shoot, this beach is picture-perfect.

Keawakapu Beach / Wailea

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Keawakapu Beach- Keawakapu Beach (means forbidden harbor in Hawaiian) is one of Wailea’s most visited and top-rated beaches. Fewer rocks, more greenery, calmer waters, and soft, golden sand line the shore. Centrally located, it gives you easy access to the coastline trail and the many Wailea resorts.

Greet the morning sunrise with a brisk walk admiring the luxury homes on one side, spend the day building sandcastles with a beach picnic or relish a beautiful Pacific sunset with an evening stroll. The sand is so soft that your bare feet will feel massaged by the end of your walk.

TIP: Children love this beach because it is less crowded and the water is shallow.

Ulua Beach / Wailea – Whether you are looking to relax solo or experience a day full of family adventures, Ulua Beach has something for everyone. Find yourself an early spot for accessible parking and an easy walk to the beach. Restrooms and showers are readily available.

Declutter your mind by taking a walk on Ulua’s soft, golden sand. Bring your snorkel gear or arrange a scuba dive experience to say, “Aloha!” to the Maui aquatic life. Whatever you choose, you are in for an unforgettable experience.

TIP: Snorkel or do a shore dive near age-old lava rocks to experience the magic of rare and exotic fish showing off their brilliant rainbow colors.

Kamaole Beach Park I / Kihei

Easy access, surf-friendly waves, and a whole lot of convenience – Kama’ole Beach Park I (or Kam I) is in the heart of Kihei with easy parking. (Kama’ole means childless in Hawaiian which we don’t think makes sense!) It is a long, wide, white sandy beach near to many Mauian resorts with delicious snack food choices from nearby food trucks, restaurants or the ABC Store.

Blessed with the right kind of tropical aura and quiet island life, Kam I is nestled in a destination popular with travellers who want to live in the moment while spending time with their loved ones.

The clear water is full of sea turtles and is magical for snorkeling. You can watch the wind-surfers or you might see a whale breach. Bask in the sun with a good book letting your relaxed spirit enjoy the beautiful view of Molokini Crater, Kaho’olawe, Lanai and the West Maui Mountains.

TIP: Listen carefully for a conch being blown to signal sundown. Custom is to raise a glass to toast the glorious sunset.

Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach, also called Ma’alaea Beach, is long, wide and great for walking and watching wildlife.

Orange light fills up the beach in the early morning and the late afternoon giving you a paradise-like feel. This picturesque beach is the perfect place to take a morning run along the quiet and calm shoreline. Feel the breeze across your face and look to the horizon to see if you can spot dolphins or whales playing in the surf. You can also drop a line in the “mudflats” on the ocean side for shore fishing, but don’t confuse it with the freshwater side as fishing there is a federal offense!

At Sugar Beach, you become one with nature in a way that it becomes an unforgettable memory.

TIP: Preserved for wildlife by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Sugar Beach gets its name from the salt crust that forms on the plain when the sun dries up the adjacent brackish ponds.

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