The Beauty of Change Starts in Maui

When is your next vacation?

Need a  dose of sunshine and swim wear weather? It’s just a few click away. 

Rise early. Wake up and immerse yourself in Maui. Get off the beaten path – it’s time to create one of your own!

Try your hands in a ukulele lesson or swing your hips and learn how to hula. Free your spirit. Be passionate. We encourage you to take advantage of basking in our beachfront locations all along south Maui Kihei, Wailea and Makena.

Treat your self to activities that offer everything from canoeing and kayaking to surf lessons and more.

Explore the best of Maui, from pristine beaches, to magnificent peaks and rainforests or scenic wonders.


Discover deliciously crafted culinary creations, with locally sourced, natural and organic ingredients embracing the area’s finest fresh flavors.

Book a memorable event, in an inspired, inviting setting that will leave everyone wanting more.

Discover exactly what you’re looking for!

 Let us help shape your next vacation and make your reservations at Ali’i Resorts today.

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