Work remote from Maui, Hawaii? In the 21st Century, the view from your desk doesn’t have to be mundane. You don’t have to fight traffic and you definitely don’t need the daily rat race. Paradise awaits and we’re ready to go. Who’s with us?

Telework is on the rise, and employees at some of the world’s top companies are trading in their wingtips for sandals and a surfboard and choosing to work remotely in Maui. The remote workspace has forged a new frontier in business, and while companies gleam at the prospect of lower overhead and a more diverse roster of employees, individual workers at flocking to Hawaii for fun in the sun while still earning that all-important paycheck. 

Below, David from Ali’i Resorts shares what it’s like to live and work remotely from the iland of Maui based on his personal experience.


The pandemic may have activated the work-from-home movement but preparing for a post-COVID world has taught us to work smarter. Through its rapid growth, teleworkers quickly discovered that working from home doesn’t have to mean a laptop shoved into a corner of your kitchen table. In today’s world, despite the challenges, it is still possible to have it all. Remote employees can work hard and earn a paycheck, but also have fun and get the most out of life at the same time.

Instead of staying at home, shut-in, and holding Zoom meetings, many employees have decided to replace that Zoom background with the real thing and relocate to Maui to work, stay and play. Professionals in the health and medical fields, computer and IT professionals, customer service representatives, and accounting, finance and sales professionals from businesses around the world are quickly discovering that Maui is ideal for social distancing, outdoor adventure and plenty of space, peace and quiet to get work done.

In today’s world, top companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Transcom and Humana have key staff positioned all over the planet. Discover what makes Maui a top choice for remote work. In this blog and video we key in on some of the top benefits of working remotely from Hawaii.

An Improved Work-Life Balance in Maui

Working remotely requires the ability to balance the two worlds of work and home life. In the big city, employees spend hours a week commuting to and from their job, adding stress and hours to an already heavy workload. Maui’s ideal size and easy access around the island makes it simple to get work done at your home base then get to the beach or the high country in only a few minutes. In Maui, employees can alternate between hiking the hills and dipping your toes in the sandy beach. Or hit the beach in the morning and hike in the afternoon. Where else can you do that?



Enjoy a Flexible Schedule

Many remote employees have a flexible schedule, meaning they can start and end their day as they choose – if their work is complete and leads to strong outcomes. This control over their work schedule is invaluable when it comes to your personal life and crafting a balance between school, errands, exercise and mental fitness.

Workers on Maui can set their own schedule. Due to the time difference, employees on Maui can do overnight maintenance for customers in the early evening while the East Coast sleeps. Afternoon get-togethers with New York colleagues can take place first thing in the morning so the whole day is open afterwards. Or meet with the L.A. team to discuss current projects and wrap things up by 2 p.m. and enjoy your afternoon at the beach or at the golf course. On Maui, it’s easy to stay a step ahead of the game at work and enjoy paradise at the same time.

Limiting Exposure to Yourself and Family in Maui

Maui’s size, geography and relative isolation make it ideal for limiting exposure during high points of a pandemic or other global crisis. If needed, the island can close itself off to the rest of the world to fight the spread of an infectious disease. Remote personnel on Maui also have the benefit of limited exposure to potentially sick co-workers and decreased interaction with those outside their circle. Maui is sparsely populated, so it’s easy to spread out and practice social distancing.

An Increased Productivity in Paradise

Contrary to the beliefs of some, remote employees are more productive than their in-office counterparts and are more valuable today than ever before. Recent data from a two-year study conducted by Stanford University suggest the production increase is because remote workers not facing traditional work stresses like a treacherous commute. There are also fewer sick days phoned in, less time spent conversing at the water cooler and other general distractions that exist in an office setting. On Maui, teleworkers are more concerned about logging in and getting work done so they can enjoy life later in the day or that evening. There’s no need to skirt work for fun because paradise is always outside your door.


Revel in a Newfound Freedom in Maui

Working remotely allows employees to spend time with family, attend an event, or just take a mental health day whenever it’s required. A traditional employee would need to schedule time off and possibly get approval from a supervisor. But a remote employee can log in, check-in and get work done as needed to work around these things. For teleworkers on Maui, it’s common to attend a high-level Zoom meeting in the morning on the lanai, meet with clients in the afternoon sun, and clock out in time to make one of the island’s festive luaus and catch that picture-perfect burnt orange sunset.

An Overall Healthier Lifestyle and Well-Being in Maui

Here’s the thing about Maui: There’s little traffic, no massive lunch crowd, no long hours in the office and no grueling, white-knuckle commute to and from work. Maui’s the perfect place to live on island time but still get work done. Things are laid back and relaxed – stress-free – and everything you need for a happy life is at your fingertips. There’s fun in the air, on the ground and in the water all around you. It’s where the perfect gym and tastiest little coffee shop are both right around the corner, and the perfect date-night restaurant is always open for reservations.



Top Work Remote Accommodations

Maui is the ideal spot for a longer stay on the island while still logged in for work. Ali’i Resorts in South Maui has private condos that are perfect for work remote stays. Guests can choose from well-appointed residences that are only steps from the beach or stay on the hillside and enjoy a bigger view. Imagine yourself working from your condo lanai (patio or deck) with the background of the Pacific Ocean. Want to sign up?

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