What’s the best way to give thanks together with your friends and Ohana? Bring them to Maui: the world’s best Island.

Thanksgiving on Maui is an incredible celebration. The true spirit of Aloha comes out in its true magnificence and travelers from around the world gather here to make Maui one of the best places to celebrate and share thanks with the people they love.

If you’re in Maui on Thanksgiving, you’ve made the right choice! Now, we’ll help you make the best of your time here by sharing how you can celebrate Thanksgiving on Maui.

Let’s dive in.

#1 Run the Maui Turkey Trot

Wish to get the runner’s high just before accumulating those turkey calories? You have a great option in the Valley Isle Road Runners. VIRR hosts a turkey trot at Rice Park in Kula which is also one of the best places to start a run.

If you are in for a crazy time, hit the 16.2-mile loop. Though we recommend starting with the 8.6-mile race which is a great starting point to experience VIRR in all its glory.

Learn more about it here.

#2 Enjoy a special meal 

Many of our excellent farm-to-table Maui restaurants offer a special menu just for all of our island guests on Thanksgiving.

You did not try the real taste of Maui if you haven’t had a meal from a local restaurant. It only gets better on Thanksgiving. On the day, our excellent farm-to-table restaurants celebrate the festival and convey their thanks by introducing a special menu for our island guests.

There are too many to list, but we do have some of our favorites like The Mill House, Bistro Molokini, Kimo’s, Monkeypod Kitchen, Mulligan’s, Leoda’s, Mala, Roy’s Humble Market Kitchen, Fleetwood’s and so much more.

In fact, the bigger properties and chains like the Grand Wailea, Ritz-Carlton, Sheraton, and Ka’anapali Beach Hotel all offer special holiday menus as well.

Though they can get a little pricey and you have to book in advance, experiencing a thanksgiving meal in Maui with your Ohana will be truly special. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

#3 Celebrate with the Thanksgiving Luau

If you want to celebrate Thanksgiving with a special Hawaiian flair, consider a Thanksgiving Luau. The Luau is a cultural tradition on the Hawaiian islands, filled with dance, song, costumes, and – yes—food! Most of Maui’s top Luau venues offer a special Thanksgiving Day celebration that includes turkey along with the more traditional food fare. This is a great choice for the whole family!

You’d have seen the amazing pictures of the famous Luau on the island of Maui. On Thanksgiving, it just gets a whole lot better with a special celebration that includes turkey along with the local food fare.

The entire experience only gets better with dance, music, and food.

While there are many Luaus all throughout the island, there are two we recommend the most:

The Grand Luau (Honua’ula)

The Grand Luau takes place on the waterfront lawn of the luxurious Grand Wailea Resort. This family-friendly celebration is sure to fill your belly, give you plenty of entertainment, and offer a great glimpse into Hawaiian culture.

Old Lahaina Luau (Lahaina)

The Old Lahaina Luau stands out for its authenticity. This particular presentation only performs Hawaiian music and dance and only serves traditional Hawaiian food. Dinner includes Hawaii’s best traditional dishes, and you can also grab a drink from the bar at any time. You’ll also walk away with a personalized souvenir to remember the night forever.

#4 Check out the Maui Thanksgiving Dining Guide 

Whatever your usual traditions are for Thanksgiving dinner, a decadent feast could be the perfect choice to make you forget all about what you’re missing back home! From buffets to 5-course meals there are many choices when it comes to making a feast worth remembering.

When you are in Maui, you won’t miss home with lots of options to eat. From local Hawaiian delicacies to continental dining options, you can get your turkey as you like. At Ali’i Resorts, we understand you want to make the most out of your Thanksgiving dinner and that’s why we prepared this comprehensive Maui Thanksgiving Dining Guide that’ll help you choose better and faster.

Source: Auntie’s Kitchen 

#5 Thanksgiving Day Dinner Cruise

One of the best ways to experience Thanksgiving in Maui is to book a dinner cruise with the Pacific Whale Foundation. On a cruise, you are in for a celebration with like-minded people who love to have fun as much as you do. Bring your Ohana for a magical time full of music, whale watching, and a Thanksgiving feast while cruising the breathtaking Pacific blue ocean coastline of Maui.

So this time, get your turkey onboard a cruise.

#6 Pick up your Thanksgiving dinner

If you are someone who doesn’t like to dance all night and would rather prefer a quiet and calm evening with their Ohana, then we highly recommend you pick up your Thanksgiving dinner from a local shop. You can also visit Wholefoods in Kahului who will have a plethora of delicious options for you to choose from.


When you found your dinner, head to the south Maui beach park of Kamaole Beach Park III in Kihei (also known as Kam 3). Sit comfortably, take in the air, and enjoy the feast as you enjoy gorgeous views in a lush green lawn area.

#7 Cook a Turkey yourself

Sometimes, it’s nice to just hang out with Ohana at your Maui condo home. While we take care of the Maui condo part for you, you can get ready to cook a turkey and pick up ingredients at any of the local favorite groceries stops like; Costco, Foodland, Safeway and Times. Your tasty Thanksgiving dinner from home still be a wonderful experience.

Best? There are a phenomenal number of recipes online that can be of great help.

If you are on Maui this Thanksgiving, you are blessed. Mahalo to your Ohana, friends, and everyone else who has made it this far with you. We hope you have a great celebration in Maui and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Ali’i Resorts!