Planning to flex your surfing muscle? Maui is a great place to start! Whether you are an absolute beginner or professional surfer, Maui has some of the most amazing surf spots that allow you to experience surfing at its best.

Tip: As a beginner, you can start with The Cove at Kalama Beach Park in Kihei or move on to Puamana Beach Park located just south of Lahaina, right past Mile Marker 19. In both those places, rides tend to be short and you can enjoy a good surf.


So you have booked your tickets and your perfect stay in Maui. But what about your surf school lessons? We’ve got you covered.

Well, if you are into surfing, the best way to experience the breadth of it is by taking a surf lesson at some of the best surf schools in Maui.

In this article, we share the top surfing schools in Maui. Read on.

Goofy Foot Surf School, Inc

Source: Goofy Foot Surf School

Goofy Foot Surf School is one of the best for first-time surfers. Located in Lahaina, Goofy Foot was established on Maui in April 1994 by Owner and Instructor Tim Shere. Teaching the ancient Hawaiian sport of surfing has been the core vision of Goofy Foot. They teach at the Lahaina break wall, one of the best places to learn surfing in Maui. 

The team at Goofy Foot consists of certified instructors who are CPR and First Aid Certified – giving safety the importance it needs. At Goofy Foot, beginners can easily understand and follow steps laid out by the expert instructors. 

Packages offered: Introductory surfing lessons available in both group and private settings, SUP (stand up paddle boarding) lessons, and also surf camps that are open to everyone.

Pricing: Private surf lessons for 2 hours start at $170 and a 1-hour group surf lessons start at $80 per person. More details here.

Contact: 808-244-9283

Here’s a TripAdvisor review of Goofy Foot.

Went here for a surfing lesson during my stay in Maui. The instructors are very friendly and informative. Learned a lot about the ocean, how to stand, steer and stop on a surfboard. They guarantee you will stand up on a wave and they mean it. Would definitely recommend!

Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy

Source: Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy

Hawaiian owned and operated, Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy is Maui’s award-winning surfing and stand up board lesson company. They have been operating since 1998 and are one of the oldest surf schools in Maui. Deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture, Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy boasts the true Aloha Spirit – connecting thousands of surfers to Mother Ocean. They are located in Lahaina.

Packages offered: Group surf lessons, Private & Semi-Private surf lessons, SUP lessons, and more.

Pricing: 2-hour group lessons start at $75 per person. More pricing details here. 

Contact: 808-276-7873

Here’s a TripAdvisor review of Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy.

They do a great job making everyone successful! My 15-year-old son did the class and had a blast. But we observed all ages participating and doing a great job. I would highly recommend them to anyone. They also were extremely warm and fun!

Maui Waveriders

Source: Maui Waveriders

Want to take surf lessons? It’s super easy with Maui Waveriders. Simply choose a lesson, make a reservation, and go surfing. They are a family-owned and operated business that has gained the expertise in ensuring you come out as someone who knows and has super fun surfing in Maui. 

Non-swimmer? No problem – Maui Waveriders has provisions for you. All their surf lessons include rash guard, reef booties, as well as the required surf equipment. They are located in both Kihei and Lahaina. 

Packages offered: Group, private, semi-private, and surf safari.

Pricing: 2-hour group lessons start at $70 per person. More pricing details here.

Contact: Kihei: 808-875-4761 & Lahaina: 808-661-0003

Here’s a TripAdvisor review of Maui Waveriders.

Had a blast with Maka, he was a great instructor! Everyone at Maui Waveriders was so kind and fun, would definitely recommend.

Maui Surfer Girls

Source: Maui Surfer Girls

Maui Surfer Girls offers the best Maui surf lessons and surf camps for teens and women, but they are open to women, men, and children. They specialize in small groups, families, and newlyweds. What separates them from the rest? Small class sizes, uncrowded beaches, and dedicated instructors for your surf training. Plus, it’s super easy to book a lesson with Maui Surf Girls. Their website features “live” availability, so you simply choose your desired class and you can book your next day surf by 5 pm the previous day. 

Lessons offered: Private, Semi-private, Group, Couples & Honeymoon Surf Package

Pricing: Group surf lessons start at $89 + tax per person. More pricing details here.

Contact: 808-670-3886

Here’s a TripAdvisor review of Maui Surfer Girls.

Great lessons for kids and adults. I went with my 6-year-old daughter who was taking a lesson here for the 2nd year in a row.

Hawaiian Surf Lessons 101

Source: Hawaiian Surf Lessons 101

Do you want to surf those monster waves in Maui? Head to Hawaiian Surf Lessons – your premier school for everything surfing. Located in Lahaina in Maui and Waikiki in Oahu, Hawaiian Surf Lessons put you at the center of surfing lessons, equipping and teaching you the techniques you need to become a master surfer. 

All the lessons are 90-minutes long and include all equipment.

Source: Hawaiian Surf Lessons 101

Packages offered: One lesson, Basic pkg. (3 lessons), Gold pkg. (5 lessons).

Pricing: Private surf lessons start at $150 per person. More pricing details here.

Contact: 808-568-0191

Here’s a TripAdvisor Review of Hawaiian Surf Lessons 101

Felt very safe they did an awesome job showing up what to do before we went into the water so then we knew when we got in there

What are your favorite Surfing schools in Maui? We’d love to know!