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Take a Day Trip to Kaua’i on Your Maui Vacation

We really can’t say enough about the sheer beauty of Maui and all the amazing attractions our island holds. Sometimes it’s even easy to forget that Maui is surrounded by other gorgeous and exciting islands within the Hawaiian island chain. As much as we love Maui, we hope that you get a chance to see some of the natural wonders on our sister islands. In particular, if your schedule allows, we recommend hopping on over to Kaua’i, the greenest island in the chain.

What Makes Kaua’i Special

Kaua’i’s nickname of the “Garden Isle” is well deserved. This island, which is the northernmost in Hawaii, is covered in emerald valleys, pierced by swooping mountains, and broken up by jagged cliffs. It truly is breathtaking. Make sure you have plenty of memory on your phone, because you will be wanting to snap endless pictures.

What to Do in Kaua’i

You’ll notice right away that the vibe in Kaua’i is more relaxed than Maui. Here, you’ll find quiet beaches and tons of nature practically begging to be hiked. This is the perfect island for a peaceful getaway. You can find yourself deep among the trails in Kokee State Park or make new friends in the small towns that dot the island. The locals are incredibly friendly and have definitely embraced the chilled “Aloha” spirit.

Of course, if you want a little adventure, you won’t have to look far for that. The Wailua River offers excellent kayaking, and there’s never a bad time to get in a bit of snorkeling at Poipu Beach. You can even hire a helicopter to take you on a tour of areas of the island that are impossible to reach by car.

Too Much for One Day

There truly is so much to do in Kaua’i that you can’t possibly fit it all into one day. We haven’t even mentioned Puu Hinahina Lookout, the Hanakapiai Falls, or the Kilauea Lighthouse. If you do decide to island hop to Kaua’i, plan your trip carefully. Do as much as you can, but don’t overwhelm yourself. You still have plenty to do back on Maui. Of course, if you fall in love with Kaua’i, you have the perfect excuse to visit again.

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