Planning a trip for the whole family to Maui? Your children are going to love the golden sand, the sunny skies and, of course, the warm ocean water teeming with sea life. There are so many cool things you can do from relaxing on Big Beach to exploring the Hana Highway, that you might forget that the most important decision you have to make is your accommodation. You want privacy, but you also don’t like the idea of your kids bunking alone. What’s the right vacation solution, a condo or resort?

A Condo Rental Finds the Balance Between Privacy and Togetherness

A vacation condo in Maui is the perfection option for a family. It’s like you’re all living at home together…except with a view of palm trees and an awesome ocean just blocks away. By renting a vacation condo, you can give your kids their own room, while you and your partner enjoy the master suite. At the same time, you can all come down for breakfast together on the patio in the morning or watch a movie together for a quiet night.

Did we mention you can even save some money by cooking meals together in your kitchen and doing your laundry at home?

Bigger Family, No Problem!

At Ali’i Resorts, we offer a wide variety of condos at some of the choicest locations around South Maui. Our catalogue includes options for almost every family size and budget. We’ve got cost-friendly two-room condos just minutes from the beach. If your family trip includes multiple generations, we can put you in a spacious three or four-bedroom condo so that everyone has their own private space. You’ll save a lot of money renting a single condo for up to eight adults rather than multiple hotel rooms. You’ll also get to share the space and spend more time together, which is the whole point of a vacation, right?

Don’t worry about how to house your entire family in Maui. Give Ali’i Resorts a call at (866) 284-2544 and we can help you find the perfect rental option for your family size and budget. With accommodations out of the way, you can concentrate on planning epic adventures on our gorgeous island.