Trains, planes, and cars…oh my! Okay, so you can’t actually take a train ride across Maui (at least not that we are aware of), but there are plenty of amazing ways you can travel through our charming towns, around our imposing dormant volcano, and across our aqua waters. Need some ideas on how to get around Maui? We gotcha!

Rent a Car

Okay, this one is obvious, but we’ve got to start here anyway. If you really want to see and experience Maui on your own schedule, renting your own car is a good idea. This way, you can zip off to any destination that you please without having to wait for a taxi or Uber to pick you up.  If you rent your condo from Ali’I Resorts, we can take care of a car rental for you!

Bus Tour

Would you rather gape out the window at all the wonders of Maui and snap a million pics instead of stress out behind the wheel? Then sign up for a bus tour that will let you relax while a cheerful tour guide gives you great info about your surroundings and some of Maui’s fascinating history. You can find all sorts of bus tours, but the best (in our humble opinion), is a bus ride along the Hana Highway. The highway can be a little treacherous, and the sights are gorgeous, making it the perfect time to take the bus instead of driving yourself.

Rent a Motorcycle

Of course, if the thought of one-lane roads hugging cliff sides and tiny bridges that can only accommodate one car at a time just whets your adrenaline junkie’s appetite, then go ahead and rent a motorcycle and take it down the 64.4-mile Hana Highway. Make sure to pull over at the lookouts to enjoy the gorgeous views and to be careful! Seriously, this is the worst place on earth to try and play chicken with your fellow motorists.

Take a Boat

You’re on an island, so of course you’ll want to hit the water and enjoy that delicious sea breeze. Consider taking a romantic sunset cruise with your special someone. Most of these cruises will offer you a delicious meal, open bar, and enjoyable music as you make your way out onto the water and watch the sky light up with the last flickers of the sun as it sinks below the horizon.

See the Island from Above

If you want the best views of the island, then you’re going to have to leave terra firma. It’ll cost you, but grabbing a seat on an airplane or helicopter tour will be so worth the cost. When your plane or helicopter takes off, you’ll get breathtaking views of the island below, including hidden patches that can’t be reached by car. A plane trip is a great way to island hop, or you can book a helicopter ride that will set you down for a romantic picnic lunch in a remote part of the island before taking you back.

Before you start booking your transportation around Maui, you’ll need to book your accommodation first. If you are so over busy, crowded hotels, consider renting a luxury private condo minutes from the beach in South Maui. Check out our openings today.