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Three Gorgeous Maui Trips That Aren’t in the Guidebooks


Photo Credit Edmund Garman

You’ve been planning for your trip to Maui. Your carry-on is stuffed with guidebooks laying out the island’s best beaches, and you’ve read every Maui top ten blog post that has ever been written. There’s just one itty bitty problem…everyone else has been reading those tour books and blog posts too! While Maui’s most popular sites are certainly amazing to behold, they’re also…well, popular. If you would like to get off the beaten path, you’re going to have to put the guidebook down and make your own way. You might be surprised at just how many beautiful day trips in Maui are often overlooked!

  1. North Shore Waterfalls

When you ask the average local about the best waterfalls in Maui, chances are that they’ll point you to the east of the island. That’s exactly where the rest of the crowd is heading. Instead, head north, just past Paia, and you’ll get to gaze upon some of Maui’s lesser known waterfalls. These waterfalls are beautiful in their own right, and you may even get to take a waterfall selfie without twenty strangers milling around in the background.

  1. West Maui Hike

Lace up your hiking shoes and head west! Here you’ll find oodles of lesser known trails. Explore the majesty of Iao Valley State Park or take a meandering trail with no name that could lead you right to hidden waterfalls, windmills, and some of the most gorgeous ocean views on the island.

  1. West Maui Circle

Your guidebooks and the blog posts can’t gush enough about the Road to Hana, which is definitely an iconic Maui adventure. However, icon status means that the Hana Highway is probably on the to-do list of every first time tourist to the island. If you don’t want to chug down the windy road as part of a massive caravan, head to the West Maui Circle instead. Like the Hana Highway, it is a long, twisty, and exhilarating drive that will take you through some of the most beautiful parts of the island. Unlike the Hana Highway, you probably won’t have to wait in line to snap pics of the best views.

Forging your own way off the beaten path through Maui isn’t for the faint of heart, especially if you lose all your bars on your cell phone and your Google Maps app becomes useless. If you still want to see Maui’s best hidden secrets but don’t want to become the subject of a massive search and rescue mission when you get epicly lost, consider hiring a Maui tour guide. If you are booking through Ali’i Resorts we can recommend some trusted tour services that have a great record of giving visitors amazing Maui adventures.