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Is Maui the Perfect Getaway for Your Babymoon?

Have you heard the latest and greatest travel trend? It’s the “Babymoon,” the last vacation you and your partner get to take together before your bundle of joy arrives and basically takes over your lives for the next 18 years. This is the last chance you’re going to get to sleep in, see your partner without spit-up on their clothes, and enjoy languorous romantic encounters without cries from the baby monitor interrupting the proceedings. Take full advantage of this time! A babymoon is also a great way to strengthen your relationship and get ready for your next big life step together.

When to Go on the Babymoon

Deciding when to travel for your babymoon will depend on what type of vacation you want. If you know you want to start trying for a family, then a babymoon can be your last big celebration together before making the attempt. This will allow both partners to party hard (i.e. drink) and to basically be carefree adults one last time before you start popping the baby vitamins and monitoring your ovulation cycle.
If you are already pregnant, then the second trimester is probably the best time to travel. This will get you past those lovely early weeks of morning sickness, but you won’t be so big that activities become uncomfortable. Also, after 36 weeks, most medical professionals agree that it isn’t a good idea to fly.

Best Hawaiian Island for Your Babymoon

You can go anywhere on your babymoon, but think about a place where you can share lots of fun and adventure with your partner, not to mention romance! We think Maui is the perfect choice. Sure, one of you will have to miss out on some very tasty drinks, but there is plenty more to do. We’ve got amazing hiking, golf, and the beaches! If your ankles are starting to swell, then pull up a towel and bask in our gorgeous sun. We also have some of the best spas in the world! Pamper yourself, especially because “Pamper” is going to take on a whole new meaning soon.
Maui is also very romantic. Take a moonlight stroll on the beach, eat out at a high-end restaurant, or sail across the water on a nighttime cruise. Keep that flame of love going strong, as you two embark on an exciting new journey together into parenthood.

Where to Stay During Your Babymoon

This is your last big hurrah as a couple instead of a family. Make it count! Don’t settle for a small, impersonal hotel room. Rent your very own private vacation condo where you can feel at home in Maui even when you’re on vacation! Contact Ali’i Resorts today to find the perfect Maui vacation condo for your babymoon.

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