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Three Ways to Still Have a Great Time in Maui When It Rain

In Maui, our weather can be…how shall we say, a tad confusing for new visitors. That’s because our small island contains many different microclimates. While it can be raining cats and dogs on one side of the island, it could be a bright, cloudless day on the other side. We Maui residents love the variability, but it can make for some difficult planning for visitors, especially since December kicks off our rainy season.
If you plan on visiting Maui between December and February, it is likely that you will hit a few rain clouds during your time with us. Don’t fret! The rain usually lets up within a short time, and even if it looks like it wants to stay, you can still find plenty of amazing things to do on our island that will keep you dry.

Here are three suggestions:

Have a Great Meal and a Drink

As if you needed one more excuse to eat! Maui is home to a plethora of great restaurants, bars, and pubs, each with their own personalities, as well as their own food and drink specialties. When those raindrops keep pouring on your head, then swing into that bar you’ve been eyeing for the past few days. Relax over delicious drinks with your travel companions or sup on a new delicious dish on the back patio and search for rainbows. (Check out this guide Five Special Cocktails You Must Try in Maui.)

Hit the Spa

You know what’s even better than closing your eyes and listening to the rain softly patter on the roof? Listening to the rain softly patter on the roof while you’re getting a delicious Swedish massage, or a seaweed body wrap, or a soothing facial. There’s no need to let the rain stress you out, especially when you can work out all those tight muscles from the plane ride, get an awesome pedicure, or rediscover glowing, youthful skin. You’ll love the pampering so much that you won’t want the rain to stop!

Check out the Art Galleries

We are a creative and artistic people in Maui, and you’ll probably notice many small galleries in our main town squares. If you are an enthusiastic patron of the arts, then come on by and check out what we have to offer. You’ll find that most of our galleries focus on local art with lots of bright colors and ocean and natural themes. Perhaps this is your chance to take home a piece of Maui forever so that you can always remember your trip, rain and shine! Read our previous article on our favorite Maui art galleries.
Of course, we hope you aren’t stuck in the rain during your entire trip. That’s why it is important to consider where you book your stay, especially during the wet winter months. West and South Maui tend to be the driest parts of the island. At Ali’I Resorts, we offer a variety of beautiful, well-furnished vacation rentals in South Maui. See what we have available for your Maui winter trip.