Is Whale Season Here?

A vacation in Hawaii brings one of the most magnificent Whale Watch seasons to our islands every year. This annual migration from the cold waters up north bring our beloved humpback whales to our tropical paradise. From December through April, whales can be seen from most of the Maui shoreline on island. A short walk on the beach might catch you by surprise as you see whales surface for air with a large spout blow.

While females are being courted by males you may see actions of tail slapping, breaching, spy hopping and/or pectoral fin slapping.  Males are keen to impress the females with their size and can jump entirely out of the water, roll in the air and land on their back in one big splash. While females are being courted, their focus is on nursing and teaching their new calves survival techniques and ocean behavior. The humpback whales are protected here in Hawaii by the Hawaii Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary and have guidelines for responsible viewing.

The best and most popular activity during this fantastic time of the year is going on one of the most exciting and fun whale watching tours! Maui has some of the best whale watching expeditions in Hawaii. With shallow bay warm ocean waters, you are sure not to miss out on this truly unforgettable moment.

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