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Meaning of ‘Aloha’

We use the word Aloha, in Hawaii. Aloha is joy, happiness and abundance. Aloha has it’s own mana (energy). It is also said no Hawaiian can greet another with “Aloha” unless he feels it in his heart. So what does it mean? Alo means “presence” by itself, the word for “breath” has a long A (),  as H represent the meaning “breath of life” or “essence of life. It’s fun to say and gives a great sense of feeling to be part of the community when your here. Where did it come from? The native Hawaiian started using this word “Aloha” as a simple greeting when you meet or leave. There has also been the idea that one had to recognize “Life” was everywhere such as in the trees, flowers, land, ocean, fish, birds and this energy represented “Aloha”.

Start using Aloha when you are here. We use it and Alii Resorts live it!


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