There’s the good kind of go-with-the-wind lost…and then there’s the kind of lost where you start imagining how long it will take for anyone to realize you’re missing and phone the police. In Maui, to get to our many gorgeous waterfalls, mountaintops, and “secret” stunning views you often must walk off the beaten path (where all the helpful signs are). Rather than hang your luck on your Google Maps app and the grace of your phone reception, consider hiring a Maui tour guide who can truly take you to see Maui’s hidden treasures.

Hyperventilating Planner

There’s more than one reason to hire a Maui tour guide. Are you going into pre-vacation planning breakdown trying to fill your schedule with fun activities that your entire family will enjoy? Maybe you’ve been going cross-eyed at night with a hundred windows open on your browser detailing maps, schedules, supply lists, car rentals, etc…

Click off the internet…now! Actually, maybe look up a good herbal tea recipe for yourself first. A Maui tour guide can handle all of the details of whatever adventure you choose so you don’t have to feel like the success of the day is on your shoulders alone!

Remember, you are on vacation, too! That means that you should give yourself the chance to relax instead of rush around with an agenda glued to your hands. Perhaps the best benefit of a tour guide is that he or she will allow you to be part of the adventure too, instead of the worrier who has to make sure you’re in the right place, everyone is having fun, and no one left your brother snoozing on the beach.

If you are booking your stay with Ali’i Resorts, contact us to learn more about Maui tour guide options. We can point you in the direction of some high quality tour guide companies that will make sure everyone has a great time on your visit to our island.