Save Money on Car Rentals in Hawaii

If you were able to score a deal on your airfare to Maui then make sure you do your research to book the best deal you can on your car rental before you arrive. Peak times in Hawaii can cause rental agencies to sell out or charge much more on the daily rates.

Here’s a few suggestions to help keep your rental car prices down.

Consider renting from alternative companies like Discount Hawaii Car Rental an excellent resource or try other discount offers from places like Car Rental Momma and Costco. If you need a car when the availability on island is limited, try searching Craigslist for more non-traditional rental opportunities.

10 more buffers + a bonus reminder to help you create the best rental car savings and have a happy rental car experience!

1) Take a walk around your rental car before you leave and snap photos with the date on the photo or show a newspaper with the date on it in the photo with the car so you have your own record.

2) Watch out for frequent flyer points as they can actually increase rental car rates.

3) Check rental car sites often before you book to see if there are low and high rate rental intervals.

4) Know ahead of time what you plan on for insurance. Most credit cards or your own insurance will cover your rental car saving you the extra up charge. Don’t assume this though; find out for sure!

5) Make sure you get clear information about additional driver charges.

6) Know the “grace period” check in time to avoid more fees.

7) Be aware of all the fees; Hawaii airport surcharges have gone up.

8) Watch for cancellation fees.

9) Beware of early return fees.

10) Make sure you have unlimited miles.

11) BONUS TIP – Call Costco or check out Costco car rentals

12) Double BONUS TIP – Refuel your car at Costco in Maui it’s the closest to the airport and the best deal on island.

We wish you luck and many more savings on your next Maui rental car reservation.

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