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Three Unique Souvenirs to Bring Back from Maui

Three Unique Souvenirs to Bring Back from Maui

Don’t think of buying souvenirs for your family, friends, and coworkers as an unpleasant obligation; think of it as a small consolation prize for everyone who didn’t get to go with you! While you are sipping pineapple daiquiris on a pristine Maui beach, your friends are all stuck at their cubicles. The least you can do is bring them back something unique, thoughtful, and tied to Maui. Postcards, keychains, and lame refrigerator magnets just won’t do. Get a little creative with these three fun gifts that are all entirely unique to Maui:

1. Lavender

Who doesn’t immediately feel a thousand times more relaxed when they breathe in the heavenly scent of lavender? No one, that’s who! One of Maui’s most treasured institutions is the Ali’I Kula Lavender Farm on the slopes of Haleakala Volcano. This farm grows over 55,000 lavender plants and sells a wide variety of lavender products, from candles to essential oils, perfumes, and even lavender strawberry jam! In other words, you have a lot of cool souvenirs to choose from.

2.Pineapple Wine

Maui doesn’t exactly have the wine cache of Napa Valley, California or Bordeaux, France, but our little island is host to the Tedeschi Vineyard on Ulupalakua Ranch. This winery produces excellent syrahs, malbecs, and viogniers, but we strongly recommend that you pick up a few bottles of its famous sparkling pineapple, grape, or raspberry dessert wine. These sweet wines make great gifts and are a worthy reward to your friends after you force them to sit through a 1,000-picture slideshow of your trip.


If you’re already planning on picking up some bottles of wine, then you certainly need to complement it with some excellent cheeses as well! After all, your friends don’t need yet another t-shirt or shot glass. Give them something they will give them a real taste of our island…literally. The Surfing Goat Dairy is a true gem nestled in Upcountry Maui. Take a tour of the facility to view the milk room, ripening room, and cheese room, and then fill up with amazing cheeses at the retail shop. Make sure you buy some for yourselves as well…otherwise your friends may find their souvenirs half eaten by the time you reach home!

Need even more ideas on what to buy your friends from your Maui trip? The best thing you can do is keep your eyes open for treasure on your trip. We know you’ll find it! In the meantime, if you need accommodations during your Maui holiday, book a beautiful Maui vacation condo through south Maui’s #1 vacations condo hub Ali’i Resorts. Call 866-572-2664 to learn more or check the incredible vacation condos at Ali’i Resorts Accommodations.