Looking for a gorgeous strip of sand where you can spend the morning snorkeling, the afternoon stand-up paddleboarding, and the evening catching a quick snooze before getting ready for the night? If you plan on staying in South Maui during your trip to our island, then we invite you the beautiful beach of Ulua.

Ulua is a Hawaiian word for a popular fish, and now it has become a word for one of our island’s most popular beaches. Located just in front of the Wailea Elua Village and the Wailea Marriot, Ulua Beach offers a quarter mile of soft, white sand and warm ocean waters that invite you to play.

Ulua Beach – Wailea, Maui from Mesh Media LLC on Vimeo.

What to Do at Ulua

Ulua is known far and wide as one of the top snorkeling spots in all of Hawaii. At the north point of the beach, you’ll find abundant rocks and coral that are home to a plethora of underwater life. Gaze into the clear waters, and you might find colorful fish and even glimpse one of our beloved honus, or sea turtles. Ulua is perfect for beginner and intermediate snorkelers and is a great activity option for the entire family.

If you want to spend a little more time under the water, Ulua is the perfect beach for scuba diving from the shoreline. Almost any day of the week, you can find scuba groups slipping into the water. The beach also features a cool wooden scuba tank stand that makes it easy to get your gear all ready to go. The reefs and coral at the north end of the beach will give you plenty to look at during your dive.

Swimming is also a popular pastime at Ulua. In the afternoon, you’ll likely find the moana (ocean) filled with children and adults splashing in the waves and boogie boarding. Look out a little further, and you’ll catch sight of stand-up paddleboarders and kayakers enjoying the sun and salty air.

Of course, Ulua also happens to be a perfect spot just to rest and relax. You are on vacation, after all! Lay out on the warm sand and let the sun kiss your skin. If you need to cool off, then you’ve come to the right place. Ulua is one of the few Maui beaches that offers patches of shade, though you’ll need to get to the beach early to grab a shady spot.

Amenities at Ulua

Ulua shares a parking lot with its next door neighbor, Mokapu Beach. Try to arrive early so you can snag a spot. Mornings are also the best time for snorkeling, as the waters tend to be calmer. If you can’t find a spot at the Ulua parking lot, try the south lot for Keawakapu Beach just a short distance away.

Ulua offers restrooms and two sets of showers on the beach and grass. The showers on the grass are a nice benefit for scuba divers who don’t have to throw their wet gear in the sand. The beach also features a convenient ramp, which makes it easy to wheel down heavy scuba tanks. Be aware that there are no lifeguards at Ulua. The beach is very family friendly, but always use caution and commonsense, especially if you have young children in your party.

When your beach day is over, you don’t have to go far to find other entertainments. The Wailea Marriot can offer you enticing tropical drinks or a table at one of its trendy restaurants. If you’ve got a little energy left, the Shops of Wailea are also nearby. Here you can buy a brand new bathing suit so that you can come back to Ulua tomorrow!

At Ali’i Resorts, we offer a variety of luxury vacation condos near Ulua Beach and Mokapu Beach. We are also happy to help our guests find the perfect rental gear for snorkeling, paddleboarding, and kayaking gear to make their beach day more fun.