If you think island life suits you, make sure you’re read further.

reasons not to visit Maui

As much as all of these reasons are true, don’t be disconcerted.

We’ll get through this together.

Alii line

#1 You may abandon your relatives. On occasion, visitors enjoy Maui to the furthest extent possible; sandy beaches, pristine natural beauty, and stunning views right from your own room could destroy your current happy life. You may pack your bags for good and make it permanent.

beauty of Maui

#2 The incredible island food and tantalizing tropical drinks might just overwhelm your taste buds and ruin mainland food forever. The local term is: “Broke da mouth.” If you suffer from this condition, repeated trips to Maui can stave off further injury, but there’s no known cure.

broke da mouth

#3 You end up actually relaxing TOO MUCH in amazing Ali’i Resort accommodations that you’re reduced to a puddle of zen.  Housekeeping has real trouble putting guests back together.  Photos are from Polo Beach Club 707.

Polo beach 707

#4 Your cheeks will get sore from returning all the smiles as you make your way around the island.  There’s also danger of wrist sprain throwing shakas.  These 2 traumas combined have been known to be recurring even when you get home, which makes you look really weird.

Shaka syndrom

#5 “Aloha Shock” is a real thing.  The power of Aloha might make you see the world in a whole new and beautiful way.  This can be disorienting and may up the par of your current happiness.

Aloha Maui

Head to a luau, book a spa day, enjoy a breathtaking drive, plan a beach picnic, get shaved ice in Paia, drive to the end of the road in south Maui, discover Haleakala or catch an evening of beauty wherever you are on the island and you could be victim to the 5 reasons why you should not visit Maui.

Alii line smaller

Ok, so you’ve read this far, and you’re not taking it too seriously.  Mahalo!

It’s pretty easy to see why Maui is continually ranked high on the lists of top 10 tourist destinations year after year. An island loaded with attractions and activities for just about every interest and adventure like no other.

It’s perfect for soaking up the sun, discovering secret beaches, or ramping up your sporty side with endless ocean and land activities. Kids and kids-at-heart will love Maui’s impressive aquarium at the Maui Ocean Center. You have the opportunity to treat yourself to a vacation of a lifetime; it’s just like being here is like being in heaven. You will forget about the to-do lists and can embrace being in the here and now.

And, by the way, an oceanfront accommodation away from the crowds is always recommended.