2015 Travel Deals to Maui

If you’re dying to get to Maui and you’re searching for the best vacation rental deals on the island and when to fly; here’s a few travel tips to get your search started.

Travel Deals Dates for Maui.


  • January 8 through March 12, 2015

  • April 7 through June 4, 2015

  • August 17 through November 19, 2015


  • Holiday deals can be found with some research and by signing up for a vacation rental newsletters early.

When to buy Maui deals.


  • For Fall 2015 travel, look for Maui deals to start appearing by early Summer 2015.


  • For Christmas in Maui  travel, it is highly recommended to book as early as possible, or check the remaining availability with vacation rental companies.

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What to pay for Maui deals.

Great news for 2015! With more airline competition and extremely low fuel prices which permit the airlines to still make money even on reduced airfares we should see round trip spring and fall 2015 Maui airfares from many west coast departure cities under $300.

Best gateway cities for flights to Maui

Some cities continue to have increased competition. Travelers using these airports can expect to benefit most in terms of best pricing and greater availability. Those cities are:

  • Portland

  • San Diego

  • San Jose

  • Seattle

  • Sacramento

  • Las Vegas

Airlines that fly to Maui

The two primary choices from the west coast are Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines. Their prices on competitive services are usually but not always similar. There are other choices as well.

  • Alaska Airlines flies to Honolulu, Hawaii (Big Island), Kauai, and Maui from Anchorage, Bellingham, Oakland, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, and Seattle.

  • Hawaiian Airlines flies to Honolulu, Hawaii (Big Island), Kauai, and Maui from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Oakland, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose and Seattle. They also offer inter-island service between all islands.

  • Other carriers like American, Delta and United all have a range of flights to and from Hawaii from most areas of the U.S. While there can be (and recently has been) discounting on these companies as well, it is not nearly as frequent as on the airlines above which specialize in Hawaii.

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