When you take your first trip to Maui, you’ll probably notice that many of the residents of our little island just seem a bit happier and more carefree than you’re used to. Sure, some of this inner well-being certainly has to do with the fact that we are surrounded by lots of sunshine, glorious volcanoes, and some of the most beautiful beaches on earth, but that’s not all. The Hawaiian culture is fused with the idea of connectedness with the land, with ourselves, and with each other. A perfect example of what makes the Hawaiian perspective just a little bit different is the concept of Ohana.

What is Ohana?

In case you aren’t a big fan of the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch, the ancient Hawaiian term ohana means family, but probably not in the way you typically use it. Ohana speaks to the concept of a larger family that is not necessarily connected by blood. A person’s ohana can include their best friends, neighbors, or anyone else who is special in their life.

An ohana is special. The people within it are bound together by genuine compassion, culture, support, loyalty, and love for each other. To become a part of someone’s ohana is a great honor.

In today’s world where we can become social media “friends” with everyone we meet, but when genuine and deep friendships are becoming increasingly rare, the beauty and value of the ohana becomes even more obvious. Study after study confirms that humans are social creatures that long for companionship and community. Within an ohana, you are never isolated or alone.

What Would a World of Ohana Look Like?

It’s tempting to imagine what the world would look like if everyone who visited Maui took home the concept of ohana with them to their countries, cities, and towns. Can you imagine turning your neighborhood into an ohana, or creating an ohana in your office? How much easier, better, and fulfilling would your job be if you felt like everyone at the office was a member of your family?

Personally, we think the world could use more ohanas and that everyone should know the comfort and support that comes with being a part of one.

Join our Ohana

We consider everyone who stays at our vacation rental condos in South Maui to be a member of our large ohana. That’s why we will endeavor to provide you with an amazing rental condo and support your needs as you enjoy an amazing holiday in Maui. Come join our growing ohana and check out our available rentals today.