Five Reasons You Must Visit Mt. Haleakala on Your Next Trip to Maui

Hawaii Volcano Activity News Update

May 2018: Aloha friends and visitors.  There has been a lot of media coverage about  the recent volcano eruptions of Mt. Kīlauea on the island of Hawaii (aka the Big Island.)  This volcanic activity has no direct impact to visitors to the island of Maui.  Just a reminder when watching news coverage of this event; Hawaii is both the state name, and the name of one of the islands.  All of the islands in the Hawaiian chain were created from volcanic activity, and each island has a rich geological history.  The island of Maui has a dormant volcano – Mt. Haleakala!  Special prayers and blessings go out to our ohana in the affected area on the island of Hawaii.

The Maui Volcano

You can’t miss Mt. Haleakala when you visit Maui…literally. The world’s largest dormant volcano towers 10,023 feet above sea level and forms over 75% of Maui. So, yeah, it’s kind of a big deal in every sense of the word, but that’s not the reason why you need to pay our granddaddy volcano a visit. Mt. Haleakala is also beautiful, offering you a trip through a huge variety of ecosystems. There’s also tons of different ways you can enjoy the volcano, from family friendly hikes, to teeth-rattling biking, and romantic star gazing. Put Mt. Haleakala on your Maui to-do list!

See the Sunrise and Sunset

We don’t mean to brag (yes we do), but Maui sunrises and sunsets are some of the most beautiful in the world. The only thing better than watching the sky light up in amazing colors from the balcony of your vacation condo is to see it from the top of the world on the peak of Mt. Haleakala. This Maui volcano is so tall that you’ll be able to get an amazing view of the sun greeting the sky in the morning or the beautiful show it puts on as it sinks into the water at night. If you’re looking for that perfect romantic outing that your special someone will remember forever, this is it.

Take a Hike

Surrounding Mt. Haleakala is Haleakala National Park, which stretches for over 30,000 acres, most of that pristine wilderness. Whether you are on a solo vacation or brought the whole family along, the park is crisscrossed with hikes that will make for the perfect outing. These hikes are as short as half a mile and as long as the arduous Sliding Sands Trail that meanders for over 10 miles, depending on how far you want to go. Along the way, you’ll get to view lots of unique wildlife and fauna including towering redwood trees and plum trees.

Star Gazing

Without the glow of a nearby city washing out the rich blackness of the night sky, you’ll be amazed at how many stars you can see glittering like diamonds overhead. Star gazing at the top of Mt. Haleakala can be an experience that shifts your soul and makes you feel part of the greater universe around you. This is a great thing to do with children, good friends, or your life partner. Make sure you bring warm clothing. The temps drop quickly that high up.


If you’re the kind of person who picks surfing over paddleboarding or would prefer to be jumping out of the plane rather than taking a standard aerial tour, then a hike around Mt. Haleakala might be a little too boring for you. Instead, rent a bike, bring it to the top of Mt. Haleakala, grab those handlebars tight, and start going down. Adrenaline junkies love rolling down the challenging trails of the Maui volcano. You’ll zip past many beautiful sights while keeping the excitement high.

Horseback Riding

If you’d rather not put your legs through all the trouble of hiking Mt. Haleakala, hop aboard a friendly horse and see where your new four-legged friend will take you. A few different outfits offer horseback rides around Haleakala National Park. The experience can be relaxing and fun as you enjoy the lush fauna around you. A horseback ride will definitely offer you some nice vacation pics and will get the kiddos excited!

Need some more ideas of what to do during your time at Mt. Haleakala? If you are booking a vacation condo through Ali’I Resorts, just give us a call. We’re full of ideas that we’d love to share!

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