Visit the Best Winery on Maui!

Okay, so confession time. MauiWine isn’t just the best winery in Maui, it’s also the only winery on our small island, but that doesn’t mean MauiWine won’t thrill your taste buds and please even the biggest wine snob…er, we mean wine connoisseur. MauiWine is more than a charming little winery, it’s an experience, from its gorgeous setting, to its deep historical roots, and – of course – its wines, including its famous pineapple wines!

In the Shadow of a Volcano

There is only one way to get to MauiWine. You will need to travel the scenic route, down the ambling Hwy 37 and through the lush upcountry. When you see the looming silhouette of Haleakala Volcano growing bigger, you know that you are going in the right direction. Enjoy the journey and let the setting relax you as you arrive at this historic ranch and vineyard.

Where Kings Go on Vacation

When you visit MauiWine, you’ll have good company. This area was once the vacation home of King Kalakaua, the very last king of Hawaii. King Kalakaua and his queen would come here to entertain guests and escape the stresses of daily life. Perhaps you will feel a little more royal when you step into King’s Cottage, which was originally constructed for the king in the 1870s!

Don’t Forget the Wine!

Of course, you came here for a reason. When you’re done admiring the landscape and enjoying the feel of history all around you, it’s time to sidle up to the 18-foot bar (made from a single piece of mango wood) and order your first taster. If you like sweet wines, then you’ve come to the right place! MauiWine is famous for its pineapple wines. Try the Maui Blanc, Maui Splash, or Hula O Maui. Of course, if you prefer dry and dark, you won’t have to go away empty-handed. MauiWine also offers a collection of tasty estate wines, including a Syrah, Grenache, and Malbec. Finally, if you want an excellent palette cleanser, finish it off with one of the winery’s Rose Ranch wines, such as the Mele, Lehua, or Lokelani.

Even More to Do at MauiWine

Visiting MauiWine for a tasting can be the perfect outing with friends, co-workers, or with your someone special, but you don’t have to stop there. MauiWine offers 30-minute tours of its operation along with a complimentary tasting twice a day. It also offers twice-weekly in-depth tours of the wine-making process, which includes a look at its 23-acre Ulupalakua Vineyards. You’ll need to pay for this tour, but if you love everything wine, you’ll find the behind-the-scenes tour well worth the price.
The winery can also host corporate events. Check the MauiWine website for hours and to sign up for its special tours.
Cheers to a tasty and bubbly adventure in Maui from Ali’i Resorts.