Whale Watching Season is Starting in Maui

When is whale watching season in Maui?  Every year from November to May, Maui locals welcome back their favorite guests – the huge, majestic humpback whales who spend every winter in Hawaii’s warm and safe waters. For thousands of years, these amazing Koholas have wintered in Maui and are an integral part of the island’s mythology and history.

The large stock of whales (thought to number over 10,000) spend the summer months feeding and packing on crucial blubber in the cold waters of Alaska. Then, they start on their annual migration, swimming the 3,500-mile journey to the Hawaiian Islands, where they mate, birth their calves, and raise their young in the safe, predator-free waters.

Whale Watching in Maui

Maui is one of the best places to catch sight of these huge creatures. They can easily be seen from the shore, the road in certain areas of the island and possibly even from the lanai of your condo. Some of the best viewing areas include:

  • Kihei coast
  • Wailea coast
  • Paia Baya
  • Ho’okipa Beach Park

South Maui is an excellent place to see a huge tail slapping the water off the coast or a spout of water shooting up in the distance. If you happen to be staying in South Maui, we recommend dining out on your balcony or finding restaurants with an ocean view so you can keep your eyes peeled for whales.

Of course, if you really want to see these big beauties up close and personal, then book passage on a whale watching tour. The tour conductors are experts at taking the boats close, but not too close to these gentle creatures

One of the absolute greatest experiences is scuba diving or snorkeling in South Maui and hearing the beautiful, haunting songs the males sing to attract females in the water.

The Whales are Coming!

If you plan on visiting Maui in November, then you are just in time to welcome the humpback whales with a big “Aloha!” when they start arriving. Make sure you give yourself the most chances to see them by booking accommodations in South Maui. Check out our listings for reasonably-priced vacation condos. Many condos offer gorgeous views of the ocean increasing the possibility of a whale sighting that will for sure make your heart smile. Call 866-572-2664 for the best Maui island vacation rental deals.