If you and your senior staff need to get away from the office in order to brainstorm your next big product launch or a change in strategy, you can’t get much further from the cubicle jungle than gorgeous, sun-soaked Maui. Our little island is the perfect place for your employees to get some fresh air as well as a big change of scenery to promote creative thinking and big ideas.

Promoting Teamwork During Your Maui Employee Retreat

One of the biggest benefits of planning an employee retreat offsite is to promote teamwork, partnership, and stronger team cohesion. Your managers are probably used to working only with the other managers in their departments, but some of the best ideas are a result of cross-pollination. Your marketing manager may have no idea that her main messaging is missing the mark with a major client segment unless she has a long and deep conversation with your sales manager. Likewise, a conversation between your customer service manager and your head of online sales may result in a great idea for new online tools for existing customers.

These conversations only happen when different team members spend a lot of time with each other in a no-pressure environment. That isn’t likely to happen if you just book everyone in their own hotel room and gather them together for intense planning sessions.

Why Booking Vacation Condos in Maui is a Smart Business Move

Instead, invite your managers to really get to know one another by putting small groups of people into shared vacation condos in Maui. A condo will allow each of your star employees to have his or her own room, but common areas will invite off-the-cuff conversations and shared meals. In this way, your managers can establish deeper relationships that can translate into better communication and more teamwork when everyone heads back into the office with their golden tans.

As a secondary benefit, you can likely save money by setting up three or four people up together in a shared condo rather than paying for separate rooms for each person!

At Ali’i Resorts, we offer a wide variety of beautiful ocean front condos in South Maui. Many are just steps from the beach, which your employees will love to visit after a long day of great brainstorming. Give us a call today, and we can help you find the right south Maui accommodations for you and your team!