Local Tips for Exploring Maui’s Best

Whether you’re visiting from the other side of the island, or the other side of the world, we welcome you! Before you arrive to discover the incredible magical paradise of everything Maui has to offer here’s a few things to keep in mind.


5 Tips Worth Sharing…

1) Respect. Here in Hawaii, we respectfully acknowledge the Hawaiian people and kupuna past and present. When visiting with us, please take time to reflect on the Hawaiian people’s deep relationship with the land and ocean. As you expand your own connections with our people and place, recognize your own responsibility to travel thoughtfully.

2) Best Weather for Beach Days are in Maui! Maui is sunny and warm all year around. Maui has winter pro big surf on the North Shore and smaller casual fun surf on the South Shore. We have two seasons you will know by wave size, weather and fresh produce. That’s why you’re sure to find us either surfing or talking story over food!

Our Winter: Expect giant waves of up to 40-50 feet on the North Shore of Maui, fresh local citrus and local kids’ lemonade stands.

Summer: The ocean goes completely flat. You will see more surfboards traded for paddleboards and snorkel gear, and it’s the perfect time to eat fresh mangos, lychee and guava.

3) Know Your Ocean Ability. Whether you are choosing to snorkel, learn to surf, try stand up paddle boarding or any number of water activites. Make sure you take a lesson first. Be in shape to the activities you have in mind. Check in with a local lifeguard to discuss conditions and the best breaks or snorkel spots for your ability level.

4) Leave Your Valuables at Home. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the general rule of thumb around here is to leave your valuables at home. With so many people heading to the beach year-round, it’s not a good idea to leave valuables in your car or on the beach. And a good way to blend that rental car in is to slap a couple of surf stickers on it!

5) Beach Etiquette. A few simple things can go a long way… be patient you’re not on the mainland and maintaining space between yourself and others when you arrive to the beach; packing your trash out and taking a little extra if you come upon it as you leave is considering pono (good in Hawaiian); another tip is please do not swim close to the fishing lines of local beach fishermen and do not walking through private yards to access the coastline.

Hope that helps you tailor your mainland vibe to blend in and enjoy your vacation to Hawaii. We want your stay to be absolutely safe and positively memorable! If you’re looking for help to shape the vacation of your dreams. Give our on island friendly team a call at 866-572-2664.

We put our hearts into your holiday getaway.