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Make Your Own Fruit Infused Mixed Drinks On Your Trip To Maui

Sunshine. Beaches. Booze! Isn’t that the perfect trifecta for an awesome tropical vacation to Maui? Of course, two of these things are free, and the third can quickly drain your wallet if you aren’t careful. Grabbing a drink at a local bar can set you back $10 a pop or more depending on how fancy you want to get. If you’re looking for a way to save a little during your time in Maui without missing any of the fun, consider making your own drinks!

This will be especially useful if you rent a vacation condo with a full kitchen, which will let you whip up some alcoholic magic and share with your group of friends while hanging out on the patio. Kelsey Love over at Maui Information Guide posted an excellent article with several great Maui-inspired drink recipes. We definitely recommend you check out her article to get a lot of new drink ideas.

One of her suggestions really caught our attention – fruit infused mixed drinks. These drinks require a little patience, but they are oh-so-good when they’re ready. Kelsey suggest using pineapple to make this drink, but you can use anything, from watermelon, to mango, to strawberries or even lemons. Simply pick up a few mason jars, your favorite vodka, the fruit of your choice, and a few springs of mint. Cut up the fruit into small pieces and fill the jar. Top it off with the vodka and add in a few springs of mint.

Now, this is where the patience comes in. Seal the mason jar, stick it in the fridge, and then go have fun for a day or two. While you are living it up in Maui, the fruit will flavor the vodka naturally with all its goodness. After a few days, strain the vodka through ice, throw a little more mint on top, and you’ve got a fruity, flavorful vodka drink that will impress your friends and fit your tropical vacation theme.

The best part of all is that the chunks of fruit left over serve as awesome party snacks. Who needs Jell-O shots when you can pass around vodka-soaked pieces of pineapple or watermelon?

Of course, in order to make this fantastic drink, you’ll need to have access to a kitchen, which is why you should definitely consider renting a vacation condo from Ali’i Resorts on your trip to Maui. We offer over 160 condos to choose from at different price points all over South Maui.

Please drink responsibly during your vacation time in Maui.