Who Wants Maui Sweet Onions

Grown on the slopes of Haleakala (Hau-lay-ah-kah-lah) Maui sweet onions have been referred to as the child of the “sleeping giant”. Best known for there mild flavor making them a favorite of the island’s finest chefs and culinary experts around the world.

The sweetness is developed by where these beauties are grown. With perfect amounts of sunshine, rainfall and rich volcanic soil Maui sweet onions thrive in this cool to warm tropical mild climate.

Did you know over 400 acres are available for onion crops each year? That’s right some believe Maui onions are so sweet and mild you can eat them like an apple! Peak harvest runs from May until December and Maui sweet onions are widely available on the west coast markets of the mainland and of course on our island of Maui.

Each year Maui celebrates the cultivation of the Maui Onion with a Maui Onion Festival. A signature event held at the Whales Village since 1990. This event is dedicated to the world famous Maui Onion and is attended by thousands of visitors each year!

A couple of months before the event is held there is a Chef Challenge where seven Chef’s compete and and enter dishes that incorporate the Maui Onion. The top four chefs will go on to compete in the 25th Annual Maui Onion Festival held May 3rd, 2014.

Join in on congratulating the top chefs and experience thoughtful dishes that have a balance of flavor, complexity and creativity.

25th Annual Maui Onion Festival

Saturday May 3rd, 2014

Free admission
Recipe contests
Games & prizes
Beer Garden